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Games and Art made by Jordan Suter.

Where all the magic happens Screenshot from the game Graveyard Path
Screenshot from the game Slightly Annyoing Traffic Voxel art
Screenshot from the game CityDefense Procedural city generation algorithm

About me.

Hey there, I'm Jordan (aka JOrbits), an indie game dev from Switzerland.

Playing and making games is a great passion of mine. I started making games in 2016. My very first game was made for Ludum Dare 37. Since then I've uploaded a bunch of games to, and worked on many other small unreleased projects.

You can find my work on:

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Here's a collection of my games and projects.

Most of my games are available on Feel free to check them out. Below you'll find a short list of my favorite projects.

My favorite projects:

Graveyard Path

Graveyard Path


Graveyard Path is a small 2D Platformer where you compete in a race against your biological clock. Use your age as an advantage!

Minotaur's Labyrinth

Minotaur's Labyrinth


Are you able to find the exit out of Minotaurs' Labyrinth? Well, you can try... I'll give you one hint. Don't trust your memory.

Slightly Annoying Traffic

Slightly Annoying Traffic


How long can you prevent crashes, before chaos breaks out? You can stop and start cars by clicking on them.




In CityDefense, you have to defend your headquarters from incoming enemies, while building a city to gather resources.


Do you have any questions or do you want to contact me? Feel free to do so and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!

Email:[email protected] / [email protected]